Monday, April 30, 2007


Today we're starting Kyle on a gluten free, casein free diet (GFCF). We've tried to slowly introduce this diet to him, but found that it hasn't worked well that way. So we're going cold turkey, so to speak. It will be difficult, but I've heard once you get used to it, the food is great and you prefer it anyways. Our whole family is switching over to the GFCF diet. I am networked with a bunch of families on a yahoo group for GFCF recipes. It's pretty cool what they come up with.

Temper tantrums here we come!!!! I call this "HELL WEEK." They've started already...

~Kyle's Daddy.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Our Beautiful Boys

"Whoever receives one little child like this in My name receives Me" (Matthew 18:5 NKJV).

These are my beautiful boys, Isaac (left) & Kyle. Isaac was born on July 31, 2003 and Kyle on February 10, 2005.

I created this blog for friends and family to track Kyle's progress with his treatment for autism. I will post updates, autism research information, and health information. PLEASE comment, as this is a blog! :) May Kyle's walk with Autism be guided by the hands our Holy Father, crafting him according to His will.

God Loves You Kyle.. ~Daddy.

Understanding Kyle's Diagnosis

The following is a baseline rating for Kyle using the ATEC scoring system. As he responds to treatments, follow up scoring is done until the overall score is reduced. His current total score is 105. I hope you find this interesting.

Child's Name: Kyle Long***TOTAL AND SUBSCALE SCORES***Total Score: 105I. Speech/Language/Communication: 25II. Sociability: 31III. Sensory/Cognitive Awareness: 26IV. Health/Physical/Behavior: 23**I. Speech/Language/Communication1. Knows own name: Somewhat true2. Responds to `No' or `Stop': Somewhat true3. Can follow some commands: Somewhat true4. Can use one word at a time: Not true5. Can use 2 words at a time: Not true6. Can use 3 words at a time: Not true7. Knows 10 or more words: Not true8. Can use sentences with 4 or more words: Not true9. Explains what he/she wants: Not true10. Asks meaningful questions: Not true11. Speech tends to be meaningful/relevant: Not true12. Often uses several successive sentences: Not true13. Carries on fairly good conversation: Not true14. Has normal ability to com municate for his/her age: Not true**II. Sociability1. Seems to be in a shell - you cannot reach him/her: Very descriptive2. Ignores other people: Very descriptive3. Pays little or no attention when addressed: Very descriptive4. Uncooperative and resistant: Somewhat descriptive5. No eye contact: Very descriptive6. Prefers to be left alone: Very descriptive7. Shows no affection: Very descriptive8. Fails to greet parents: Very descriptive9. Avoids contact with others: Very descriptive10. Does not imitate: Somewhat descriptive11. Dislikes being held/cuddled: Somewhat descriptive12. Does not share or show: Very descriptive13. Does not wave `bye bye': Very descriptive14. Disagreeable/not compliant: Somewhat descriptive15. Temper tantrums: Somewhat descriptive16. Lacks friends/companions: Somewhat descriptive17. Rarely smiles: Very descriptive18. Insensitive to other's feelings: Somewhat descriptive19. Indifferent to being liked: Somewhat descriptive20. Indifferent if parent(s) leave: Somewhat descriptive**III. Sensory/Cognitive Awareness1. Responds to own name: Somewhat descriptive2. Responds to praise: Not descriptive3. Looks at people and animals: Somewhat descriptive4. Looks at pictures (and T.V.): Very descriptive5. Does drawing, coloring, art: Not descriptive6. Plays with toys appropriately: Somewhat descriptive7. Appropriate facial expression: Not descriptive8. Understands stories on T.V.: Not descriptive9. Understands explanations: Not descriptive10. Aware of environment: Somewhat descriptive11. Aware of danger: Somewhat descriptive12. Shows imagination: Somewhat descriptive13. Initiates activities: Not descriptive14. Dresses self: Not descriptive15. Curious, interested: Somewhat descriptive16. Venturesome - explores: Somewhat descriptive17. Tuned in - Not spacey: Not descriptive18. Looks where others are looking: Not descriptive**IV. Health/Physical/Behavior1. Bed-wetting: Not a Problem2. Wets pants/diapers: Not a Problem3. Soils pants/diapers: Not a Problem4. Diarrhea: Minor Problem5. Constipation: Minor Problem6. Sleep problems: Not a Problem7. Eats too much/too little: Minor Problem8. Extremely limited diet: Moderate Problem9. Hyperactive: Minor Problem10. Lethargic: Not a Problem11. Hits or injures self: Minor Problem12. Hits or injures others: Not a Problem13. Destructive: Minor Problem14. Sound-sensitive: Moderate Problem15. Anxious/fearful: Moderate Problem16. Unhappy/crying: Minor Problem17. Seizures: Not a Problem18. Obsessive speech: Minor Problem19. Rigid routines: Moderate Problem20. Shouts or screams: Minor Problem21. Demands sameness: Not a Problem22. Often agitated: Minor Problem23. Not sensitive to pain: Moderate Problem24. Hooked or fixated on certain objects/topics: Moderate Problem25. Repetitive movements: Minor Problem