Saturday, March 8, 2008

Kyle's Therapy at School with Teacher Karen

We're lucky to get video from Kyle's classroom! I hope you enjoy...

Monday, March 3, 2008

Kyle's New Orange Ball!

This ball is a lot of fun!

Kyle's Birthday Party

Update from Kyle's New Teacher

As you may or may not know, Kyle has been attending Richland School District for a little over a month now. Here is a progress report from his teacher:

Cognitive Skills: Kyle has been learning the routine and structure of our class. He is doing very well. When he started in our program, he didn't seem to understand the concept of matching. Kyle can now match object to object and object to picture. We have just started matching picture to picture. Kyle can now sort 5 colors of bears into 5 matching color cups. He is working on color identification "red." Kyle is working on "touch" or "give me" to receptively identify objects such as apple, banana, and shoe. When asked, "What's this?" he tends to repeat the question instead of saying, "apple, banana, or shoe." He is working on receptive and expressive identification of objects before he can move to picture identification. Kyle will come when his name is called. He is working on listening for just his name. He tends to want to come whenever anyone's name is called. Kyle is working on the command, "go play." He tends to sit and want a physical prompt before he will move (like a touch on his back). Kyle is working on following 1-step nonverbal commands (imitations) such as "Do this" and teacher touches table and wants Kyle to do the same. It has taken a while for him to learn what is wanted and is now starting to get the idea. Kyle can take off and put rings on a ring stand and will self correct to get the rings to fit. Kyle can put shapes in an 8-piece shape sorter.

Attending Skills: Kyle loves to work with the teacher. he seems to love to learn. He also sits well participates in the ending circle time. This is just a quick 5-minute time when we sing songs before going home. Kyle smiles and is starting to do the motions to the songs.

Social/Emotional Skills: Kyle will often respond to teacher "hi," but hasn't yet initiated saying, "hi." Kyle loves trains and vehicles. He prefers to play with these toys in the play area. Kyle will play next to his peers, but gets very upset if a child messes up the things he is playing with or takes a toy he thinks is his, even if he is not directly playing with it. We are working on sharing and taking turns. Kyle does have nice eye contact. He loves to play silly games with teacher and will have a back and forth interaction (looking at teacher and laughing).

Self-help Skills: Kyle is doing great with the routine of class. He walks in with his peers and with no assistance will go to his cubby and take off his backpack and coat. He will hang them up in his cubby. Kyle needs assistance to put on his coat. Kyle will sit at snack table and touch or say what he wants for snack (when given a choice of two things). He needs some assistance to clear his place at the end of snack, but will follow the direction of "push in your chair and go get your carpet" in order to be ready for ending circle. At the end of circle, Kyle will pick up his carpet and put it away.

Fine Motor Skills: Kyle is working on holding his crayon correctly. He can imitate a horizontal and vertical line.  He loves to draw a circle, though he goes around and around and keeps going around. Kyle can complete a 9-piece knob puzzle. This seemed to be new to him, but he can now do a couple of these type puzzles unassisted. Kyle can take apart and put together pop beads. He likes to put them together and move them in a line like they are a train. he will say, "Thomas, choo choo."

Gross Motor Skills: Kyle loves recess. He loves to climb up and go down the slide. He will say, "come" to teacher to get teacher to go with him. We are working on Kyle asking other peers to go down the slide with him. Kyle has also just started in a language/OT enrichment group. This is 30 minutes a week and gives him the opportunity to practice gross motor skills plus following directions and using language.

Favorite Activity: Kyle seems to love school. He loves to "work" and seems to enjoy learning new things. We enjoy having Kyle in our class. He is making nice progress.


Walk Around the Block

My boys love to walk around the block...they always find a way to spice it up!