Tuesday, November 27, 2007

More Blessings!

Great news from Dr. Grewe.....
He and several other doctors in the area with different specialties, including Kyle's teacher at the development center, are going to start doing assessments of kids as a team.
After seeing us for the initial consultation (Kyle was not there), the doctor said that Kyle would be a perfect patient to practice the new "team assessing" on, so that they can get a feel for working all together.  So basically, Kyle will be able to get a very good assessment, buy a whole group of doctors, much sooner than expected, for Free!  That will satisfy the school district, so that he will get all the services he needs.  It's a real blessing.

Kyle keeps on doing terrific.  It has been really exciting to see him start to initiate talking more.  He's been saying short two or three word sentences, and definitely recognizes the meaning of most words he says. Just yesterday, he walked up to me with a teddy bear and showed it to me and said "Bear!"  Not only did he say it without prompting, but he also wanted to show it to me, which is a great step in the social interacting and relationship building stuff.  Sharing interests with others does not come naturally for him, but it's really important.  After all, we don't just want him to be able to talk, we want him to be able to have relationships with people.

And another big step for Kyle.....he no longer sleeps in a crib!  Isaac and Kyle got bunk beds for Christmas (and birthday :) ).  He used to always roll around a lot at night and end up with his feet on his pillow and his head under his bead, or some other odd position, but he has been more normal lately, and last night he slept with his head on his pillow, under his blanket, in the middle of his new bed.  It was pretty cute (I just had to peek in and see!).

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Jason McElwain (a must see)

This video tells a lot about the love of a community for their kids...especially their autistic ones.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

The Good Doctor

Jana and I have an appt. with Dr. Scott Grewe this November 19th. He will have an initial consultation with us regarding Kyle and make a determination of whether he needs to evaluate Kyle in order to obtain an "official" diagnosis. This first appt. is more or less a screening, to make sure we aren't wasting $1500 on an evaluation. Yes, he is expensive!! But, he's the best there is. And the school district needs a diagnosis from a neuropsychologist. I was going to take Kyle to Spokane, but I'm working out a deal with my insurance company to see Dr. Grewe.

However, things are going to get tricky. Jana is most likely going to take a new job next week. That means different insurance companies...yadda yadda..so we'll see.