Friday, August 29, 2008

Tillamook Vacation to see Tia

Back in School!!

We're so glad Kyle went back to school yesterday. To be honest, it's been a tough summer for him. He's been bored and his behavior has shown it. Next summer, we're definitely going to have more for him to do, whatever it takes.

Yesterday, his teacher wrote a note home saying, "Today I worked with Kyle but Teacher Carol will be working with him starting tomorrow for the month of September. [They switch paraprofessionals every month.] Kyle seemed very happy to be back. [Indeed he was. He got to ride the bus and wasn't the least bit shy getting on.] He did very well with the routine. He remembered many of the vocabulary pictures. With review, he will remember the rest quickly, I think. He knew shapes expressive 100% and only missed 3 of the 10 colors. He had a great day!"

Well we're off to a good start!

Kyle's Favorite Activity